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The Best Restaurants in Miami Right Now

Summer in South Florida isn’t all bad. Sure, we replace school zone traffic with eight-inches-of-standing-water traffic, and the tourist-free beaches often have sand that burns you through your towel. But it’s also prime time for new restaurants to open, so they can work out the kinks before everyone comes down and tells them how much better they’d be in New York.

This summer saw some spectacular new entrants to the Miami dining scene between May and August, including two new sandwich shops that might just make you forget about Pub Subs, chef Adrianne’s venture into the world of pepperoni pizza-covered French fries, and a vegan-friendly spot in Doral with smoking drinks. So while the weather’s still hot and the snowbirds haven’t quite descended, get out and try the best new restaurants that opened this summer — and some classics that are still as great as always.