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Michi’s Serves Comfort Food With a Healthful Twist in Doral


At 25 years old, Venezuelan native Michelle Posada has a long list of accomplishments. The actress and YouTuber became a restaurateur last year when she opened Michi’s in Doral.

The eclectic menu, under the care of chef Daniel Celauro, ranges from pizza, pasta, and poke to arepas, ceviches, and superfruit bowls, all made predominantly with fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious ingredients.

“In my family, everyone cooks,” Posada says. “The problem was they didn’t eat healthily. It was all big plates and fried stuff.”

Posada began her career as a telenovela actress when she was only 12 years old. By the age of 18, she owned and operated a food truck selling arepas and smoothies in Caracas. Five years ago, she arrived in Miami with a talent visa for acting and has used her marketing degree to forge a career in Miami’s food industry.

It didn’t take long for Posada to create her YouTube channel, Michi’s Kitchen, where she posts recipe videos. She has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram and a growing subscriber base on YouTube. Her social media success inspired her to open Michi’s last year.

“People call me the healthy Cheesecake Factory,” she says with a laugh.

michi s miami avocado pizza -

The menu offers a wide range of items, including açai breakfast bowls ($8.95); power pancakes and waffles ($8.25 to $9.50); cheese, guava and cheese, and Nutella tequeños ($8.25 to $10.25); and arepas made with quinoa, oatmeal, and corn ($7.25). Heartier plates include whole-wheat fig ravioli in a pomodoro sauce ($13.50), Peruvian-inspired ceviche tostones ($12.25), tuna poke ($13.95), and arroz con pollo bowls ($11.50).

The restaurant’s pizza crusts are made with whole-wheat flour. Highlights include the Paris pie, garnished with mozzarella, goat cheese, caramelized onions, green apples, almonds, and honey ($14.50), as well as avocado, caprese, and barbecued chicken varieties.

For dessert, try a protein cake made with almond flour, whey protein, and stevia ($6.95). “We have chocolate, dulce de leche, and carrot cake and just released the tres leches,” she says.

“It’s a great accomplishment for me when I see [customers] come to me and say, ‘Oh, I don’t like healthy food,'” she adds. “But then I serve them my food, and they love it.”

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