Michi's is a lifestyle

What if I told you it was possible to take away the guilt from indulging in your favorite dishes? That is Michelle Posada’s goal with Michi’s in Doral. It is all about the same delicious foods we love to eat, yet turning up the health consciousness by switching out a few ingredients. “Michi’s is not just about the food; it’s a lifestyle,” says Michelle, founder of Michi’s

"The Cheesecake Factory of Healthy Food"

At just 25 years old, millennial Michelle Posada has checked more accomplishments off her goals list than most people do in a lifetime.

Telemundo News says that we have the most popular pizza in the area.

Our founder Michelle Posada makes an Avocado Pizza for the national news in Telemundo celebrating the National Pizza Day.

Michi's is the most popular pizza in Doral.

With thousands of Italian restaurants, and pizza chains in the area Michi’s healthy pizza became the most popular in Uber Eats.

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