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Michi’s Kitchen en el plató

La actriz ha destacado como empresaria dentro del mundo gastronómico Como un mar de fondo llegó la venezolana Michelle Posada desde Venezuela a Miami. Una intensidad

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The Best Restaurants in Miami Right Now

Summer in South Florida isn’t all bad. Sure, we replace school zone traffic with eight-inches-of-standing-water traffic, and the tourist-free beaches often have sand that burns you through your

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Meet Michelle Posada of Michi’s in Doral

Today we’d like to introduce you to Michelle Posada. Michelle Posada is not your typical Venezuelan bombshell. The renowned telenovela actress turned in her script book

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“The Cheesecake Factory of Healthy Food”

At just 25 years old, millennial Michelle Posada has checked more accomplishments off her goals list than most people do in a lifetime.